SharePoint Server 2016 Announcement and My Wish List

Version: 1.1,

Updated: 2/3/2015

Microsoft has been pushing for Office 365 and SharePoint Online for last few recent years. They recently announced that next version of SharePoint Server will be released in 2016.

SharePoint Server 2016 will offer customers enhanced, flexible deployment options, improved reliability and new IT agility, enabled for massive scale. SharePoint Server 2016 is expected to provide rich hybrid capabilities with Office 365 version.

SharePoint Server 2016 – My Wish List of Feature

I wish for many new and improved features in next version of SharePoint Server in 2016. Following are some of the top wishes based on my experience with customers.

  1. More enriched workflows
  2. Document Scanning Feature
  3. Making Project Server as completely independent application that can be used without the need of full SharePoint Enterprise. (in recent years we have seen Office Web Apps as an application that requires separate server for deployment now)
  4. Making better across the farm security reporting (without the need to 3rd party tools)
  5. Better Forms solution that has better cross platforms compatibility (InfoPath replacement)
  6. Making an On-Prem version of Yammer as a service application or separate app that can be tightly integrated with SharePoint
  7. Making Video Encoding features available for more enriched video publishing within on-prem
  8. Making Delve available in On-Prem as well

I’ll be adding more items later. Read the following Office blog post with recent announcement details.


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