Sharepoint 365 Initial Talking Points

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With Office 365, Microsoft introduced the SharePoint Online aka SharePoint 365 version. Recently I’ve been going through lots of information on SharePoint 365 version. I came up with few initial talking points to give a good start with the Office 365 SharePoint.


There are many things to consider when thinking of migration:

  • User experience
  • Identity management
  • Data Security
  • Feature set
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Even how you budget your dollars for next year


  1. Role Based Access Control
  2. Two Factor Authentication
  3. Combine Search results from On-Premise and Office 365 SharePoint
  4. Multiple Authentication Options

a. MS Online ID        Example:
b. MS assigned Org ID AD Login Example: ADDomainfmasood
c. MS assigned Org ID ADFS Login Example: accessing partner organization’s resources

AD Integration Options:

a. Directory Sync OnlyDirSync. Runs every 3 hr and uses SQLExpress for less than 50K AD objects. For more objects, use full SQL. No Full SSO or 2FA
b. Directory Sync and SSO Suited for large orgs. Needs HA for ADFS. 2FA possible. Identities managed on-premises.

AD Integration Requirements:

a. Requires your AD forest at 2003 level
b. Use x64 bit DirSync tool. 32bit deprecated
c. For ADFS setup Win 2008 or 2012 server. Can be virtual
d. Dirsync tool can be setup with one-way or two-way sync. Two-way sync required for hybrid scenarios and can’t be switched back to one-way.
e. Use Office 365 deployment readiness tool to check your on-premises AD
f. Have the AD DC, ADFS, DirSync on separate servers

Reference Links:

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3. Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool

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8. Use third-party identity providers to implement single sign-on

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13. Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365


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