Using simple URL to access PWA

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When you try to access Project Web Access (PWA) in Project 2003 environment you have to type http://servername/Projectserver every time. Which is sometimes difficult for users. Imagine if your server name is long.

Here I’m with a simple way to ease this complex URL. (you see I’m simplifying things as I’ve mentioned on my homepage 😛 )

For Project Web Access you can do things easier for your folks. This method doesn’t require DNS additions.

You can follow this:

1. Create an index.html page with simple html like the following. Make sure to remove first & last line of HTML. Place it in your PWA root folder.

<title>PWA Redirector Page</title>
PWA Redirector!

2. In IIS right click your Project Server website in left panel > Properties > Documents. Add index.html in that list & make it a first entry in that list.

3. Now right click index.html in right panel > Properties. On the File tab select ‘A redirection to a URL’ radio option. Type your actual PWA URL like http://servername/projectserver & click OK

4. Now you can just type http://Servername in IE & it will automatically redirects you to http://ServerName/projectserver.

If you have difficult or long servername, then you can ask DNS admin to create an alias in DNS say ‘project’ for your MS Project server. So when you type http://project it will redirects you using above method to http://ServerName/projectserver page

I’d recommend use the default http://servername/projectserver URL in Project Professional 2003 account setup. The URL has to be the same in Project Professional 2003 & PWA, else you’ll get errors while accepting your project plan updates.

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