Using Cisco Wifi Controller for Employee and Guest Wifi


Using Cisco Wifi Controller for Employee and Guest Wifi

V: 1.0

Case Study:

  1. The client was using two different ISPs one each for employee and guest wifi. 
  2. Employees were sharing the guest wifi to bypass the firewall, web filters and security policies on the main network.
  3. Client was paying enormous amount of $$$$ to ISP. Operational and IT management costs were too high.
  4. Multiple wifi access points (APs) were in place. Changes were done on each APs when needed.
  5. APs were poorly places in the building and causing wifi performance issues


I did the project research and came with following proposal based on the requirements:

  1. Cisco Wifi Controller with new Access Points
  2. Barracuda Web Filter 410
  3. VLAN network from APs, controller and ll the way to the Web filter to not allow guests traffic into internal network
  4. Sungard High Availability Services
  5. Use of Layer 3 wifi security for the employee network
  6. Using Layer 2 and 3 security for the guest network
  7. Using Cisco Wifi Controller’s security policies
See my planning diagram for the project.
Using Cisco Wifi Access Points / Controller and VLAN for Employee and Guest Wifi Network
Using Cisco Wifi Access Points /  Controller and VLAN for Employee and Guest Wifi Network
The solution helped the customer streamline their IT processes.
  1. Client saves a lot of dollar amount they were paying to the additional ISP
  2. Isolation of the guest and employee wifi was achieved using the same network hardware but using VLAN. 
  3. Use of Cisco Wifi Controller helped IT department save lots of time in operational and maintenance costs and hence the hidden costs
  4. With the combination of Layer 2 and 3 wifi security, employees could not use the guest network easily

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