SharePoint just like any enterprise system requires good project management to roll out across an organization. Most companies try to set it up themselves without SharePoint expertise and then find themselves in problems – often complaining about SharePoint at that point. Oops!  We were not expecting this!
Most of the Sharepoint Project Oops are due to the lack of some of the following:
  1. Lack of vision for the Sharepoint as a platform (Sharepoint is not a small application. It offers lot more)
  2. Lack of Project Management maturity and discipline around rolling out Sharepoint and enterprise systems
  3. Lack of Sharepoint GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) discipline
  4. Lack of understanding of SharePoint Architecture
  5. Lack of business process standardization [ITIL, TOGAF, PMO & other standards to run organization effectively]
  6. Lack of understanding of SharePoint licensing costs [SharePoint LicensingLicensing for Dummies, Compare SharePoint Online Plans, Microsoft Licensing Briefs]
  7. Lack of SharePoint Team’s expertise and skills
A successful SharePoint roll out should have appropriate combinations of all these factors.

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