Sharepoint Integration with MS Project Server 2003

Sharepoint technologies come in two flavors:

a. Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS – Free product)
b. Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS – Full fledged product)

Sharepoint Portal server 2003 is a collaboration tool for medium to large enterprises. I’ll not talk about its benefits here. Though I can talk about it for long, but its long discussion :D. Here I’ll elaborate integration of Sharepoint technologies with Microsoft Project Server 2003.

Sharepoint is a component of Microsoft Project Server 2003 EPM. It enhances Project Server functionality by providing features like managing risks, issues and documents for your projects. You can use Sharepoint for lots of other features.

Configuring, integrating & later managing Sharepoint with Project Server 2003 requires good knowledge of both. Below are few links which might help you in understanding the integration of these technologies.

1. How to install SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services, and Project Server 2003 on the same server;en-us;840701

2. Installing SharePoint Portal Server 2003 on a Server with Windows SharePoint Services

3. How To Integrate an Existing Windows SharePoint Services Installation with SharePoint Portal Server 2003;en-us;824877

4. TechNet Webcast: Migrating to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 – Level 300

How I integrated WSS with Project (PWA)
Check these two images to see for how I integrated WSS documents, issues, Announcements & Surveys features with Project Web Access (PWA) interface.

Users will access WSS features from within their PWA interface. You can modify the theme of the Sharepoint site to match the PWA interface, can add other sharepoint features.

I hope this will be a good starting point for most if not all of you. Consult me for more Sharepoint / Project solutions. 😉

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