Sharepoint and MSProject Conference 2014 Slides and Videos

In 2014, Microsoft had SharePoint Conference and Microsoft Project Conference. Those two conferences offer wealth of information including presentations, training, best practices and good knowledge base. Microsoft offered the full conference slides and videos this year. Here are the resources for those two conferences.

SharePoint Conference 2014 Slides and Videos on Channel 9

MS Project Conference 2014 Slides and Videos on Channel 9

You can download the slides and videos for offline viewing. Manually downloading all contents will take too much time. Instead you can use the following Power Shell scripts to download the slides and videos in a folder on your local drive. SharePoint Conference contents are 72 GB and MS Project Conference 2014 contents are 29 GB in size

Power shell Script to Download All MS Project Conference Slides and Videos

Power shell Script to Download All Sharepoint 2014 Slides and Videos

In my case, I renamed the scripts to DownloadPC14.ps1 and DownloadSPC14.ps1 on my local drive.

PowerShell Script in a folder

Run the scripts in Power Shell and it will start downloading the slides first and then all videos into a folders for each session.

MS Project Conference 2014 Contents 
SharePoint Conference Contents

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(Enjoy Sharepoint and MS Project learning)


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