Project Web Access Issue when IE9 Upgraded to IE10



Recently I came across an issue where a user’s Internet Explorer 9 on Win7 x32 was upgraded to Internet Explorer 10. He then started getting an issue where we could not create a new project in Project Web Access (PWA) > Project Center.

Issue Summary:

The user was not able to create any new projects because he was not able to select values for select-value fields that were configured as required fields. For example department or Project Status. User was taking these steps:

1. Go to Project Web Access site
2. Click on Project Center link under Project section on left navigation
3. Click ‘New‘ button from the top ribbon nav
PWA ProjectCenter New Project
Project Web Access PWA – Create New Project in PWA
4. Select a project Template – Enterprise Project Type
5. Enter project name
6. Click on ‘Select Value’ button (with three dots…) for those fields
7. Normally you should a list to select from but in this case you will see blank box. When you click away, it locks up with ‘not Responding’ error
PWA ProjectCenter New Project BlankFields
Select Value fields when clicked doesn’t show options. Some of those fields are required


Few things to check:
a. Hit F12 key with PWA site open and check the Browser Mode and Document Mode settings. With IE 10 by default those should be IE 10 Compat View and IE 8 Standard respectively. [PWA site was in IE intranet zone and ‘Display intranet sites in compatibility view’ option was checked]
b. Confirm IE browser is 32 bit and not 64 bit. [Some PWA / SharePoint features don’t work with x64]

What Fixed the issue:
a. Reset IE settings by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Click ‘Reset’ button under ‘Reset Internet Explorer Settings’.
b. In ‘Reset Internet Explorer Settings’ dialog box, check the box ‘Delete personal settings’ and then click Reset button at the bottom.
c. Follow the prompts. Click OK and close all browsers.
d. Launch IE again and verify PWA Project Center > Create New Project feature.
I was able to select values for ‘select value’ fields.

PWA ProjectCenter New Project FieldsWithValues
After IE reset, select value fields when clicked display value to pick from

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