Project Server Administrator – To Do List

The job of a Project Server Administrator (PSA) requires commitment, endurance & motivation. Besides regular user support work, PSA has to perform a lot of tasks on a regular basis to keep the EPM running smoothly. I will not go into the details of each topic but will just give some highlights here:
a. Daily Tasks

  1. OLAP Cube status check

  2. AD Sync status check

  3. Enterprise Resource Pool status check

  4. SQL Jobs (Backup, Portfolio, other scripts)

  5. Windows Scheduler jobs (if any)

  6. Check Windows Event Viewer logs for errors & warnings

  7. Check ‘Project Issues’ Sharepoint list for new issues posted by users

b. Weekly Tasks

  1. Close past Pay Periods

  2. Portfolio Analyzer Views

  3. Check Resources for correctness of RBS & other custom fields

  4. Backups (SQL databases, Enterprise Global Template, Sharepoint Sites backup)

  5. Sharepoint Sites

  6. Sharepoint Site Usage Analysis

c. Monthly Tasks

  1. Check Project Plans for correct information of owner, close finished projects, department, classification or other custom fields

  2. Resource Permissions & group membership review (those with higher privileges)

  3. Check the ‘Last Connected’ column in Admin > Users > Show Grid for users who haven’t logged on for long

  4. IIS Backup

  5. Logs Retention (Event Viewer logs, SQL logs, Sharepoint logs, Analysis Logs, Project Server Logs)

  6. Check number of Licenses in use

The order of a PSA tasks can be categorized differently in your organization.  The above tasks list will give you an idea as to what needs to be done.

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