OLAP Cube and Portfolio Views – Issue Resolution

Resolving issues with OLAP cube & portfolio Analyzer views sometimes becomes challenging. There are many reasons why the cube build fails or portfolio views don’t work.


Everyone including PM and RM, especially executives like to view the portfolio of their projects and organization. OLAP cube or view failure in MS Project Server might stop these management people from making important project and organization level decision.


Some of the outstanding cube & views issues are listed below


·         Error message when you try to build an OLAP cube in Project Server 2003 or in Project Server 2002: "The cube scheduled to be built on Date Time failed."



·         Error message when you try to build an OLAP cube in Project Server 2003: "This key is already associated with an element of this collection"



·         How to troubleshoot issues with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes when you work with Microsoft Project Server



·         You receive an "Unable to access the Microsoft Project Portfolio Analyzer OLAP Cube" error message when you try to create or view a Portfolio Analyzer View



·         OLAP cube generation may not be successful in Microsoft Project Web Access



·         "An OLAP cube was successfully built but with errors" error message when you try to generate an OLAP cube from Project Server 2002 (applies to PS 2003 as well)



·         Besides these KB articles, also check this article. In short, avoid special characters in your project server environment.

Allowed Characters in Project Server

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