MOSS MA Not Found error UserProfile Connection

In SharePoint 2010, you want to setup User Profile Connection to Active Directory. You configure everything and click OK and it brings error message.

Issue Scenario:

  1. Go to SharePoint Central Administration website
  2. Click on ‘Manage Service Applications’ under Application Management
  3. Click on ‘User Profile Service Application’ or the name of your user profile service app
  4. On ‘Manage Profile Service’ page, click on ‘Configure Synchronization Connections’ under Synchronization section
  5. Click ‘Create New Connection’
  6. Enter the Connection Name, Forest Name, Account Name, Password, select OU levels under Containers section to sync profiles from that OU level
  7. Click OK to configure the connection

In this case, you will get error:


MOSS MA Not Found
Troubleshoot Issues with Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation
Correlation ID: f8224450-ea42-742a-d8c6-5de674235e32

Date and Time: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss AM
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SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 01 Error
MOSS MA Not Found Error
Finding the Correlation ID Error Details:
I had the following Codeplex tool deployed that helps in searching the ULS logs for the Correlation ID details. The tool is available under Central Administration website > Monitoring > Query correlation ID (under Logging section). You enter the Correlation ID from the error page, specify a date / time range and it shows the results.
That tool provided the following query result on its page. Looking at the query details, I saw the highlighted line. That section was telling that it could not connect to App Server 1 at port 5725. That server at this point was not configured for the User Profile Service. The service was setup on App Server 3.
Correlation Query Result:
Time Process Area Category Level EventID Message 
04/2/2014 10:14:38.90  w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Foundation  Logging Correlation Data  Medium xmnv Name=Request 
04/2/2014 10:14:38.90  w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Foundation  Logging Correlation Data  Medium xmnv Site=/ 
04/2/2014 10:14:39.97  w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Portal Server  User Profiles  High d3b3 LoadConnections failed trying to fill the connections list. Most likely during RetriveResources because of permissions — {1}. Available parameters: 
System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: Could not connect to http://SrvApp01:5725/ResourceManagementService/MEX. TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it —> 

System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, 

SocketAddress socketAddress) at System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal(Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6, Socket& 
04/2/2014 10:14:39.97* w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Portal Server  User Profiles  High d3b3 …socket, IPAddress& address, 

ConnectSocketState state, IAsyncResult asyncResult, Int32 timeout, Exception& exception) — End of inner exception stack trace — 

at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream(TransportContext& context) at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream() at 

System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpOutput.WebRequestHttpOutput.GetOutputStream() — End of inner exception stack trace — Server 

stack trace: at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpOutput.WebRequestHttpOutput.GetOutputStream() at 

System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpOutput.Send(TimeSpan timeout) at 

System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelRequest.SendRequest(Message message, TimeSpan timeout) 

at System.ServiceModel.Channels.RequestChannel.Req… 
04/2/2014 10:14:39.97* w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Portal Server  User Profiles  High d3b3 …uest(Message message, 

TimeSpan timeout) at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.RequestChannelBinder.Request(Message message, TimeSpan timeout) at 

System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.Call(String action, Boolean oneway, ProxyOperationRuntime operation, Object[] ins, 

Object[] outs, TimeSpan timeout) at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannelProxy.InvokeService(IMethodCallMessage methodCall, 

ProxyOperationRuntime operation) at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannelProxy.Invoke(IMessage message) Exception rethrown at 

[0]: at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage reqMsg, IMessage retMsg) at 

System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.PrivateInvoke(MessageData& msgData, Int32 type) at 

04/2/2014 10:14:39.97* w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Portal Server  User Profiles  High d3b3 …ataExchange.Get(Message 

request) at Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.MetadataClient.Get(String dialect, String identifier) at 

Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.Client.ResourceManagementClient.SchemaManagerImplementation.RefreshSchema() at 

Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.ResourceManager.get_SchemaManager() at 

Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.ResourceManager..ctor(String typeName, LocaleAwareClientHelper localePreferences, 

ContextualSecurityToken securityToken) at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ConnectionManager.LoadConnections(Boolean fForUI) . 
04/2/2014 10:14:39.97  w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Portal Server  User Profiles  High a3xu 

ConnectionManager.LoadConnections(): Could not find MOSS MA despite being marked as fully configured, was it deleted? 
04/2/2014 10:14:40.09  w3wp.exe (SrvApp03:0x1C6C)  SharePoint Foundation  Monitoring  Medium b4ly Leaving Monitored Scope (Request 

(POST:http://SrvApp03:8000/_layouts/EditDSServer.aspx?ApplicationID=abb4158a%2De70a%2D4185%2D86e2%2Df02f1c25966e)). Execution Time=1193.10918007736 
SPTest UserProfile MOSSMAnotFound 02 Correlation Query Results
Correlation Query Tool’s Result based on Correlation ID Error
Troubleshooting and Resolution:
  1. Looking at the query results, I saw that connection was trying to connect to first server and connection was refused. That server has been having issues and was already planned for removal from the farm. It was not running the User Profile Service.
  2. I then looked at the ‘Manage Servers in the Farm‘ page in SharePoint Central Administration > System Settings. I looked for ‘User Profile‘ service on that page to confirm which servers in the farm are running that service. It was not configured on App Server 1. I then went to ‘Manage Service Applications‘ page under Application Management in Central Administration Website. 
    SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 03 UserProfile SA
    SharePoint Manage Service Applications Page – Properties icon grayed out 

     Hover over the ‘User Profile Service Application‘, don’t click on the name but click on the right side of it. That will select the service application and activate the Operations Ribbon group on top. 

    SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 04 UserProfile SA
    SharePoint Manage Service Applications Page – Properties icon active


  3. Click on Properties icon in the SharePoint ribbon. That will bring the ‘Edit User Profile Service Application‘ dialog box. Scroll to the lower half of page and look under ‘Profile Synchronization Instance‘ field. It is fourth field from the bottom. In my case, it was set to the App Server 1. I changed it to the server that was actively running User Profile Service and clicked OK at the bottom.
    SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 05 ProfileSyncInstance
    SharePoint – User Profile Service Application – Profile Synchronization Instance – Old Server


  4. Message was displayed saying ‘Profile Service Application successfully updated.’ Click ok on that dialog box to close it.
  5. I tried to configure the Profile Synchronization Connection again (Steps in Issue Scenario section above). Same error happened. I looked at the ‘Profile Synchronization Instance’ field (step 3 above), the same old App Server 1 was listed there. Not good.
  6. I started the ‘User Profile Service’ on that old App Server 1 from the Central Administration > ‘Manage Services on Server’ page for App Server 1.
    SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 07 UserProfileServiceStarted
    Sharepoint – Started User Profile Service from Manage Services on Server page


  7. I then changed the server under ‘Profile Synchronization Instance‘ to a new server that was running the User Profile Service. This time the setting stayed permanently and didn’t revert back as in last attempt.
    SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 06 ProfileSyncInstanceNew
    SharePoint – User Profile Service Application – Profile Synchronization Instance – Active Server


  8. I tried to configure user profile sync again. (Steps in Issue Scenario section above). It was successful this time.
Important Thing:
One important thing. I didn’t have to start the ‘Forefront Identity Manager Service‘ on the old server using Windows Services console. That service was in disabled state as before. After successfull Sync connection, I then stopped the ‘User Profile Service‘ on the App Server 1 that was started in step 6 above. I used SharePoint Central Administration website. It is not recommended to start / stop FIM service using  Windows Services console.

SPTest UserProfile MOSSMSnotFound 08 FIM Service Disabled
Sharepoint – Forefront Identity Manager Service (part of User Profile Service App) in Windows Services Console


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