Flow diagrams of Code (T-SQL)

At my work I had a long SQL stored procedure code (coded by someone else) which was difficult to understand at first. I was Looking for some tool which could do the job of creating flow diagram of the code. But didn’t find any.

Few days later a friend sent me an email with a link to a tool which can create flow diagrams of almost any code (T-SQL, Java, VB, .NET etc). I’ve tried its demo version which created a flow diagram of my code in 5 sec. Wow.. That was gr8 if I compare it with the 2 days efforts I took to manually create the flow diagram in Visio. Though after comparison I like my Visio :). But still it’s a handy tool for a quick look at the code.

Check it out these tools.

Visustin v3 Flow chart generator (I’ve tried this one)

Data Flow Diagram (with Case Studio 2)

Later on while searching I found another interesting tool. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like you can code (or edit code) just by making diagrams.

Code Visual to Flow Chart v3.3


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