Secure Data Wiping and Recovery Tools

In the past I worked on few file / data recovery and secure hard drive wiping projects. Before throwing away your old servers, laptop and other storage media, make sure to securely wipe it, try the recovery tools to retrieve data and work from there. Using encryption on your storage media is recommended. Instead, I’ll focus in this post on testing recovery and secure shredding options.

These are good free and licensed tools. Here is the list of tool I worked in the past and got recommendations from fellows. My recommended list is highlighted in orange.
Bundle Tools:

These two products are .ISO images which contain tens of free / open source tools including the once to recover deleted files and securely wipe hard drives.

1.       UBCD                                    http://www.ultimatebootcd.com
2.       UBCD4Win                         http://www.ubcd4win.com 
File Recovery Tools:
1.       PCInspector                       http://www.pcinspector.de
2.       PiriForm Recuva               http://www.piriform.com/recuva
3.       Kroll Ontrack                     http://www.krollontrack.com/software/free-downloads/
4.       Undelete Plus                   http://undeleteplus.com
5.       DiskInternals Uneraser   http://www.diskinternals.com/download
6.       WinUndelete                    http://www.winundelete.com/download.asp
7.       RecoverMyFiles               http://www.recovermyfiles.com
Secure Wiping Tools:
1.       Darin Boot and Nuke       http://www.dban.org
2.       Piriform CCleaner             http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
3.       Eraser                                 http://eraser.heidi.ie/
4.       Sysinternals sDelete        http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897443
5.       KillDisk                               http://www.killdisk.com
6.       Secure Erase                     http://cmrr.ucsd.edu/people/Hughes/Secure-Erase.html
7.       Acronis Disk Cleanser      http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/products/drivecleanser/
8.       WipeDrive                         http://www.whitecanyon.com/wipedrive-erase-hard-drive.php
10.   RoadKil                                http://www.roadkil.net/downloads.php
11.   DiskDoctors                        http://www.diskdoctors.net/
Few Reference Articles on This topic:

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