InfoPath Form Solutions

Microsoft InfoPath is a Form designing solution. InfoPath when combined with SharePoint, provides robust solutions for Business Information Capture, Data input, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Business Process Optimization (BPO).


Softvative have delivered hundreds of solutions based on InfoPath and SharePoint to different customers. Some of our InfoPath Form solutions include are listed below:

  1. HR On-boarding Forms
  2. IT Equipment Request Form
  3. SharePoint Site Request Form
  4. Expense Report
  5. Infrastructure Work Order Request
  6. IT Server Build Request and Checklist Form
  7. Training Request Form
  8. SQL Server Build Request and Checklist Form
  9. PMO Project Intake Request Form
  10. Status Report Form
  11. TimeSheet Form
  12. Risk Management Forms
  13. Compliance Forms
  14. Change Request Form
  15. Leave / PTO Request Form
  16. Insurance Claims Form
  17. Purchase Order Request Form
  18. Expense Report
  19. Assett Tracking Form
  20. Merger & Acquisitions Forms
  21. Healthcare & HIPPA Forms
  22. Electronic Signature Forms


Our InfoPath and related services includes:

  1. Define and Document Business Process
  2. Process Mapping
  3. Form Solution Designing
  4. Data Integration
  5. InfoPath Forms deployment to SharePoint On-Premises or SharePoint Online
  6. Process Automation using SharePoint Designer & other Workflows
  7. InfoPath Training
  8. InfoPath Best Practices
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