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Quick Adhoc Report in MS Project

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Do you need to create a quick ad-hoc reports on your project as a Project Manager?

In Microsoft Project Professional 2013 or later, you can use the REPORT tab to use default reports or create new ones. The reports can be created in Excel / Visio format that can later be exported to the PDF or other formats.


MSP 2013 Visual Reports


Later you can upload your report on project site, keeping the same file name. Set email alert on the file to notify Business Sponsor, Stakeholder and others that need to view updated report whenever a new version is uploaded or a weekly alert. SharePoint will sent email alert automatically to those users.

Follow it on a weekly basis and your stakeholders get weekly status reports.

SharePoint Online Migration Across Tenants

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

SharePoint Online (Office 365) migration between two Tenants was recently performed for a client. Following are the project features:

Migration Tool:

Metalogix Content Matrix Migration Express Console (Free version with 25 GB limit)


Key Points

1. OneDrive for Business (personal contents) were not migrated over. [Only team collaboration contents were migrated]
2. Board group had external users. Their emails were added to the group. They needed to sign-up using that email and create a password to login to the site
3. Tenant1 users need to switch their desktop OneDrive For Business client links to the Tenant2 site. Else they will loose that data in their OneDrive for Business after Tenant1 SharePoint Office 365 is closed.
4. Tenant1 users need to update their desktop Microsoft OneNote files that were pointed to the old Tenant1 SharePoint online site to the new Tenant2 SharePoint Online.



SP365_Migration1 – Metalogix Content Matrix Express









SP365_Migration1 – Metalogix Content Matrix Express




SP365_Migration – Site Collection Sharing to enable External users



SP365 Migration – Site Collection Sharing with External Users




SP365 Migration Old Board Team site Users in Group



SP365 Migration – External Board Users Invitations