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Exchange 2003 SP2

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Enhancements in MS Exchange 2003 SP2

MS Query A Hidden Gem

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

In few companies, people prefer to see the data in MS Excel sheet for their reporting needs.

In MS Project Server, we have reporting feature. Sometimes that is not enough to meet the reporting needs of a company. In that case, one can use some of the third party tools available in market. For basic reports one can use MS Excel using a hidden gem in it called MS Query.

If you know Excel then you have unlimited option for reports using MS Query. I’ll suggest the following articles on the topic.

Connect to the Project Server OLAP Cube with Excel 2000
Use MS Query to Treat Excel As a Relational Data Source

Query to get RBS data for documentation

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

For a client I created resource pool request excel sheet. The purpose was to allow PMs to request for new resources in Project Server. They have not been using Active Directory for automatic resource addition. In that sheet I had couple of columns one was the RBS. I filled out rest of the fields manually as the data was less. But for RBS it was difficult to do that manual work. The following query helped to get the ordered RBS structure for that excel sheet.


Following query gives you the RBS data for documentation needs.




Where OC_Cached_Full_Name like ‘TopRBSLevel%’

AND proj_id = 289



— Replace TopRBSLevel with the top RBS level of your Project Server environment.


(Check with your SQL DBA)